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WORKSHOP – 18th March, Brussels (12:00 – 15:30)

Marine Litter: dialogue at the science-policy-society interface

Experiences, tools and perspectives from Ocean Literacy and Responsible Research and Innovation

Facilitators: Francesca Ronchi (ISPRA) and Angel Borja (AZTI) with support from Tomaso Fortibuoni (ISPRA) and Cecilia Silvestri (ISPRA). Rapporteur: Manuel Cira (WON)


The complexity and scale of the sources, drivers, types and impacts of marine litter are overwhelming the capabilities of government and private efforts to control it. Responses to this global problem are multifaceted, including cutting down plastic production, a reduction in packaging and single-use products, clean-ups, the transition to a circular economy and education.

Knowledge, prevention, mitigation, removal, and behavioural change are the key mandates involving an overarching local to global governance framework, industrial consciousness and responsibility and smarter consumer choices.

This 2.5h long participative workshop aims at bringing together educators, NGOs, citizens, scientists and policymakers to brainstorm on how the theme of marine litter can be addressed using insights from Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Ocean Literacy (OL) as an inspiration and starting point.


Starting from 5 different experiences heard during the first part of the workshop – and bringing their own background, tools and perspectives – participants will work in small groups around the three themes/challenges – common to both approaches (RRI and OL) – in the field of marine litter and their different aspects:

Theme 1: Understanding the needs

Theme 2: Co-creating and sharing knowledge

Theme 3: Contributing to making a change

A voting process will lead to the selection of 5 key messages which will be narrated by the rapporteur at the plenary session after the workshop and commented by a high-level panel. Eventually, the key messages of all the parallel workshops will feed into the conference Manifesto and will be discussed at the European Parliament on the 20th March.


Start End Duration
12:00 12:10 00:10 Why are we here? Our goals – Manuel Cira (Word Ocean Network/MARINA)
12:10 12:20 00:10 Title tb – Elisa Atger (Word Ocean Network/MARINA)
12:20 12:30 00:10 Tools for changing attitude and behaviour of society in the face of (micro)plastics in the oceans: an Ocean Literacy approachAngel Borja (AZTI/RespoSEAble)
12:30 12:40 00:10 Title tb- Justine Maillot (Surfrider)
12:40 12:50 00:10 Title tbd- Alessandra Giorgetti (OGS/EmodNET)
12:50 13:00 00:10 Complex governance or governance of complexity?Pier Francesco Moretti (CNR/JPI Oceans)
13:00 14:00 01:00 Lunch: please come back in time! (2’ before will be appreciated…)
14:00 14:10 00:10 How to – Setting the tables and workflow – Manuel Cira (Word Ocean Network/MARINA)
14:10 14:50 00:40 Say it! – Working groups’ discussion
14:50 15:02 00:12 Advocate for your idea – Plenary presentation of key messages (2’/tables)
15:02 15:12 00:10 Make it count – Voting process (please be ready to use your smartphone)
15:12 15:30 00:18 Now something difficult. Workshop’s 5 key messages development – Manuel Cira (Word Ocean Network/MARINA), all
You deserve it: coffee break!
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